"An inspiring tale of how one person can truly make a difference"

- Elizabeth Dole, U.S. Senator 2003-09, Secretary of Labor 1989-90

“Ball’s tale is one of sincerity and struggle. A worthy life.”

- Kirkus Indie

“From UK school to US politics.”

- The Citizen (Gloucester, England)

“In early life David George Ball, like Mr. Justice Holmes, had the break of being 'touched by fire', having a religious father, a strict mother and contact with Martin Luther King Jr. If this Nation is to remain great, such ideas as expressed in David's book should be introduced to persons in their last year of high school or first year of college.”

- William T. Coleman, Jr., O’ Melveny & Myers, Chairman of NAACP Legal Defense Fund 1977-1997 and Secretary of Transportation 1975-1977

“David George Ball came to America in 1954 as a teenager to follow his father into the ministry. An encounter with another minister, Martin Luther King Jr., led him into public service where he championed the expansion of the 401(k) program. Today more than 70 million workers have 401(k) plans."

- The Virginia Gazette

“A heart-warming portrait of faith in an amazing journey inspired by Martin Luther King.”

- The Rt. Reverend Herman Hollerith IV, Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Virginia, The Episcopal Church

“A Marked Heart is the story of a remarkable political achievement. But it is also much more than that. It addresses the challenge of finding the way out of the relentless struggle for the approval of others. The depth and personal honesty found in this book offers all of us great encouragement.”

- David L. Boren, President, University of Oklahoma and U. S. Senator (D-OK) 1979-94

“What an wonderful memoir of a young man who came from England to Moody to take the pastor’s course, met Martin Luther King at Yale, and went on to outstanding public service! A Marked Heart reminds all of us where to look for help in coping with the conflicts and pressures in our lives.”

- Marvin E. Beckman, General Counsel, Moody Bible Institute